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Forever and never

25. ledna 2011 v 20:00 | Tess_tiramisu |  Dear diary...
Hello guys,
at the beginning I want to apologize to everyone who was missing:D and everyone who won't be able to understnad my article or will find some mistakes. I decided to write an article (maybe some more will appear, I never know...) in english, because I need to write a lot to improve my writing. And because I have nobody to write in english with, I got an idea...I will start to write articles on my blog again, but not in czech of course! So here I am:)
Last time, I mentioned something about our tribal group and link of our webpage appeared. I you are interested in our group, you can also find us on FB:D Everybody is here, so we have to be there too. We have planned some performences, so I will post more and more photos and other stuff, I promise we're going to make some videos, because we still have just poor one! But you know, some technical problems happened, camera broke down and our videos got lost.
During the summer holiday I had my fake dreadlock put on and I really loved them and still love so my plan for future is to put them on again. It's so comfortable, amazing, original...I just love them! If you are interested in those dreads, don't worry and ask me anything I would be pleased to answer you.
Yeah, and now I'm reading that the main topic of the week is suicide? What?! I don't know anything about topics which appeared on the As you can see, I don't visit this page and honestly I don't miss it. I hope I'm "adult" enough not to write here completelly everything what happened to me. And I'm getting bored with writing. Maybe year from now an article will appear again, but I'm not going to promise anything.

Have an amazing day, life and whatever you want while I'm living my secret-private life

Bye Triss (I love this name, it's similar to mine, it contains "R" and I adore this letter in words, and it's charmed, character from wonderful fantasy saga by Sapkowski, I recommend to almost everyone)!

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1 miara miara | 3. února 2011 v 19:38 | Reagovat

Hallo Tess, oder für Heute besser Triss? Sehr schön in english zu schreiben, ich uterstütze dich:) Ich werde Morgen auf sei denken, weil es mir leid tut, dass ich nicht mit ihnen dreads zu machen kann. Aber weihnachten sind weihnachten..

2 Medvědmrdnik Medvědmrdnik | E-mail | Web | 15. listopadu 2011 v 23:46 | Reagovat

Tady se mi líbí... ;-)

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